Throughout the years, EESI's work has earned the praise of current and former Members of Congress, Hill staffers, federal, state, and city officials, diplomats, educators, and individuals who are passionate about sustainable energy and value the work we do.

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As one of the co-chairs of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, we're very proud to team up with EESI every year on the Expo, proud to team up with you on the member briefing, and grateful to all of you for the expertise that you provide on very important issues. […] And we just hope that in all the hurly-burly and back and forth in the United States Congress, we will succeed together in breaking through the politics and make sure that the policy arguments and the science win out at the end of the day. This is not a battle for one day or for two days, these issues are things that have obviously been worked on for a very long time and we got a long way to go but I am pleased that we are making progress. Slower than we would all like but we're going to keep marching forward when it comes to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD)


EESI is extraordinary. It serves as a vital link between Congress and the environmental community as well as private sector organizations involved in environmental and energy issues. It holds about 20 briefings a year for Members of Congress and their staffs, open to the public, with an average attendance of about 100. It puts together coalitions of private organizations and NGOs to formulate passable environmental and energy legislation and stop damaging legislation, with great success. It also assists Members of Congress with the handling of environmental and energy issues in their districts.

Dick Ottinger, Dean Emeritus, Pace University School of Law; former Member of Congress (D-NY)


There could not be a more critical role for a non-partisan, public interest, non-profit than to advise and educate Congress on energy and environmental issues. It’s what EESI does well— and it’s essential that they continue to do so.

Claudine Schneider, former Member of Congress (R-RI)


You reach across aisles, you reach across disciplines, you reach across time. […] You do amazing analytics to help support legislation that is pending. […] I think of EESI as kind of nimble and stealthy and enabling, never in the limelight but building those kind of partnerships that are necessary so that when the time is right and you reach the tipping point, that they have helped it happen. […] You've worked on the Clean Air Act, and the Farm Bill, and on climate change, and on air pollution—an amazing breadth of stuff. […] I see you as educating the lay public as well as scientists, politicians, vice presidents and presidents for over 30 years.

Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan; served as Acting Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)


Anne Saliers, the Community Energy Services Manager for the Holland Board of Public Works, describes how EESI helped Holland, MI, set up an on-bill financing program that makes it easier for families to pay for energy efficiency improvements in their home. Learn more about EESI's On-Bill Financing Project.

Transcript: One of the organizations that I learned about was the Environmental and Energy Study Institute out of Washington DC and—lo and behold—it was like a gift just falling in my lap that they were looking for municipal utilities and rural co-ops to help them develop on-bill loan programs. So I was delighted to learn that there were resources that could help educate us and help get us started with the design of the program.


I love that EESI provides information to policymakers and decision makers on a wide variety of topics, from climate change, to renewable energy policy and energy efficiency. I think they provide a real service to folks on the Hill, staffers, Congressmen, and Senators on an individual level. On-bill financing is one way in which EESI is helping communities. I'm originally from South Carolina, Congressman Jim Clyburn’s district where the on-bill financing project began. Providing low-income people with home energy upgrades that make their homes more energy efficient is a big deal. It's a great thing that EESI, as an organization, puts its money where its mouth is and is really practical for people.

Harmon (Monty) Cooper, Counsel, Crowell & Moring


EESI does excellent work, and lord knows it’s important to help educate our staff (and members) on Capitol Hill! That is a really important part of the total package that makes up the value proposition that is EESI.

Bill Libro, Retired (formerly Director, Federal Affairs at ALLETE / Minnesota Power)


This organization works tirelessly to promote and support efforts to protect the integrity of our environment. They do this in a strategic and unique way: by addressing and relating to powers in the education, policy, legislative and industrial sectors. Further, they address multiple areas of impact and influence: power generation, transportation, agriculture, and finance. I'm delighted to give them my highest rating.

Barry Scott, State Program Director, The NEED Project


Your weekly report is the best thing I get and read.

Edna Sussman, Independent Arbitrator and Mediator; Principal, SussmanADR LLC


I find the information you folks provide very valuable. This is a wonderful service... Thanks again.

Rick Peltz, Senior Management Consultant, Avant IMC


"Before moving to my present position I was a Congressional staffer for many years and worked for both political parties. For many of those years, I was working on topics within EESI's sphere of influence and regardless of my position, EESI was a trusted source of information for my colleagues on Capitol Hill and me, and a place I could turn to for more information. EESI has always had a very talented and knowledgeable group of people working for them. They are unparalleled in their primary niche of providing timely and objective information on a spectrum of environmental and energy topics to Capitol Hill. I hope they keep up the good work for many years to come."

Jim Turner, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


EESI gives the most balanced, useful, complete and relevant information on topics concerning the environment and energy. I use their fact sheets and white papers all the time for my work within these fields. EESI is the Go-To organization.

Mary Paul Jespersen, former Senior Commercial Advisor, Royal Danish Embassy


EESI has the unique ability to both educate key policy-makers and the general public through their well-organized newsletters, fact-sheets and briefings on the Hill. I had the rewarding experience of interning with EESI for several months, and could not be more impressed with the staff's involvement and leadership in today's energy and climate change issues on a national level. Their weekly newsletters and briefings cover a wide-range of issues and are still my go-to news sources.

Caitlin Madera, Program Manager, Maryland Smart Energy Communities, Maryland Energy Administration


Thanks to EESI — really just a phenomenal organization at bringing good information up to Hill staff.

Neil Brown, former Professional Staff Member for Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Senate Foreign Relations Committee


I've served on several boards for nonprofit organizations over the past 20 years. EESI is an exemplary model of nonprofit management. EESI constantly evaluates its mission and strategic plan relative to its objectives and tactics. Everyone works in unison. The result is that operations tie in admirably with goals. Really a five-star operation! Staff and volunteers have a commitment to EESI's mission, and they are moving the needle every day.

Joseph S. Cavarretta, CAE, Account Executive, Drohan Management Group



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