Richard L. Ottinger Internship Program

EESI relies on interns to provide substantive help to advance our environmental and energy policy agenda. In return, interns gain insight into the workings of Congress and the federal legislative process, knowledge of significant environmental and energy issues, and an understanding how a not-for-profit organization works. EESI's relationships with other organizations and across sectors provides opportunities for interns to witness how environmental and energy issues develop within the public policy arena. EESI internships offer invaluable career benefits and opportunities and may also be used for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate credit. EESI recruits interns throughout the year on a rotating basis. Internship start and end dates are flexible. Internships require a commitment of 25-40 hours per week for a minimum of 10-12 weeks. Please click on the internships listed below for more information:

Dick Ottinger was among the first environmentalists in Congress and a founding member of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. During his time in Congress, Dick served as chairman of the Energy Conservation and Power Subcommittee, Energy & Commerce Committee and was instrumental in adopting key energy and environmental legislation. He also was a founding staff member of the Peace Corps and is Dean Emeritus at Pace University Law School. To honor his many years of service to our organization and his environmental leadership for this nation, EESI named our internship program after Dick when he stepped down as EESI's Board Chairman in December 2010. (He continues to provide guidance to EESI as Board Chair Emeritus.) We hope that EESI interns will be inspired by Dick's story and go on to make their own contributions to sustainability.