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EESI publishes web articles several times a week, covering current events or spotlighting initiatives of particular note.


Fact Sheets & Issue Briefs

Our fact sheets and issue briefs are targeted at policymakers, and provide essential, objective information about key environmental and energy topics.



EESI policy analysts are regularly invited to speak at conferences and forums. You will find their presentations here.



EESI offers three popular, free newsletters that educate and inform policy-makers and other interested individuals. Subscribers hail from Congress, federal/state/local agencies, media outlets, embassies, trade associations, companies, nonprofits, academic institutions, consultancies, and the general public.

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EESI Update

EESI Update comes out 2-3 times a year to keep our friends and supporters informed about our ongoing work.

Climate Change News (CCN)

Published weekly, Climate Change News covers the top climate-related science, business, and policy stories of the week and includes a list of upcoming events and pending federal legislation.

Sustainable Bioenergy, Farms, and Forests (SBFF)

SBFF is a weekly look at sustainable bioenergy, farm, and forest policy issues.


Press Releases

See EESI's press releases for organizational news or for EESI's position on certain key issues.


Media Coverage

See the latest media coverage of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.


Annual Reports

EESI's annual reports describe some of our successes and highlight the donors, partners, and friends who made them possible.


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