The growth and development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields translates to an immense opportunity for new jobs in the energy industry. These "green jobs" not only can provide secure, well-paying jobs to millions of Americans, but they also help the nation transition from an economy reliant upon high polluting sources of energy to one that uses clean, abundant, domestic energy resources.

A report from the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory in Berkeley found that renewable energy creates more jobs per megawatt (MW) of power installed, per unit of energy produced, and per dollar of investment, than the fossil fuel industry. Workers will be needed in all skill-level positions to design, manufacture, construct, and operate renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, update the nation's electric grid, and construct new high-performance green buildings.

The United States is not alone in renewable energy and energy efficiency investment. Green jobs are growing across the globe, and a key challenge will be to locate green energy manufacturing in the United States so we keep our competitive edge. Decision makers in Congress and the White House have a role to play to ensure domestic green job growth through the use of incentives, credits, and removal of regulatory barriers.


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