With so many threats to clean energy progress and policy, it is clear that we must re-double our efforts to advance sustainable and resilient systems. You have the power to combat these threats and the already visible signs of climate change by giving to EESI!

You can give in the way that’s right for you! Some of the easiest and quickest ways to give are online, through the mail and through your workplace.

Yet, there are many other ways you can give too! Some of them may be less obvious, but they’re still great and easy ways to express your commitment to climate change solutions and clean, renewable energy.

Donating your stocks or securities

  • If you’ve held stocks or securities for at least a year, you can transfer them to EESI at full value. A donation could mean a charitable giving tax reduction for you AND you’ll avoid paying the capital gains tax that you would otherwise incur by selling the stocks/securities yourself.
  • Upon receipt, EESI then sells donated stocks/securities to generate much-needed funds to advance climate policy and defend our country from policy rollbacks.

Donating all or part of your IRA required minimum distributions

  • If you are at least 70 ½ years of age, you could get a charitable giving tax reduction AND avoid paying taxes on all or part of your IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
  • You can have your IRA trustee transfer all or part of the RMS directly to EESI as a donation.

Designate EESI as a beneficiary in your will, insurance policy, estate plan, or IRA

  • Listing EESI as a beneficiary in your will, insurance policy, estate plan or IRA will make win-win climate and energy solutions part of your legacy.
  • To transfer your stocks or securities, or to receive more information, please contact our Director of Development, Susan Williams, at (202) 662-1887 or at development@eesi.org. We will provide our brokerage information so your financial institution can initiate the transfer. As always, check with your tax adviser about your particular situation.

By giving to EESI, you will be supporting our work to engage with and educate Congress on resiliency, energy and climate solutions! You’ll feel great knowing that you are helping to preserve and restore our planet’s health, while also fueling a clean energy economy!