A long-time friend, donor, and collaborator has left EESI a very generous bequest of more than $148,000—by far the largest ever received by EESI—to help advance a cause he was passionate about: common-sense, win-win policies for a sustainable future. This wonderful donor, who requested anonymity, was well known to EESI. He was a regular part of our Congressional briefings and saw EESI as a way to help him work toward the ideals he held so dear.

EESI’s staff and board are deeply grateful for the unexpected gift, which will go a long way towards advancing our work on sustainable solutions—such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate action. Our benefactor understood the value and widespread impact of EESI’s briefings, and was a regular donor during his lifetime, expressing his commitment to EESI’s mission.

"I miss our benefactor deeply. I was so shocked and saddened to hear of his passing after a short illness. And, I was absolutely overwhelmed when the executor of his estate handed me the generous bequest check," said Carol Werner, EESI's Executive Director. "I had no idea he had wanted to leave an environmental legacy in his will, nor that a generous bequest to EESI would be his way to express that legacy. Our benefactor was a dear friend of ours and we miss him deeply. We will do our utmost to honor his memory with the work we do."

When told of this extraordinary gift, EESI’s Board Chair Jared Blum stated, “This individual clearly understood the importance of moving the needle on clean energy and climate policy—and saw the value of EESI’s work in doing just that. He is leaving an important legacy. While he will be deeply missed by the staff, his presence continues to be felt through his generosity. I’m sure he felt good about the impact he'd make with his planned gift to EESI. In fact, I feel the same way—I’ve included EESI in my estate plan as well.”

Remembering EESI in one's will, or including EESI as a beneficiary in one's workplace retirement plan, life insurance policy, or IRA, is a powerful way to ensure that advancing clean energy and climate policy will be part of one's legacy. Moreover, changing the beneficiaries for such accounts can be done at any time, without having to involve an estate attorney.

To learn more about planned giving and other ways to advance sustainable clean energy, resilient communities, and climate policy, please contact EESI's Director of Development, Susan Williams, at swilliams AT eesi.org or 202-662-1887. You can read more about options for planned giving and additional ways to advance EESI's work for sustainable solutions with your gifts here: www.eesi.org/donate/other-ways-to-give.