EESI's overall objective is that the United States lead the world in mitigating and adapting to climate change by transitioning to a low carbon economy based on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This will slow, and hopefully reverse, climate change, which is caused by the greenhouse gases emitted by coal, natural gas, and oil. It would also make us more energy secure: no more need to import oil while also exporting hundreds of billions of dollars out of our economy every year. It would create new economic opportunities, not to mention thousands of jobs. And, it would make us all healthier by reducing pollution.


To reach this goal, our founders, a bipartisan group of members of Congress, identified a need for policymakers to have more access to fact-based information on energy and environmental issues, and created EESI to fill it.

EESI seeks to inform policymakers so that they enact legislation and policies promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and the phasing out of harmful climate pollutants. To ensure the passage of such legislation and the implementation of such regulatory policies, as well as their longevity, we believe it is essential to rally strong, bipartisan support. It's important for us, therefore, to promote policies that have bipartisan appeal and can be seen as sensible "win-win" solutions. Showcasing solutions from across the country and across the economic spectrum are key to helping us deliver our message. 

Interdisciplinarity is fundamental to our approach: true sustainability can only be achieved by thinking holistically and addressing many factors, including economic, social and political factors, in addition to environmental ones. That is why we invite academics from a wide range of fields to speak at our briefings (from climate scientists to polling experts), and why our briefings also feature industry and business representatives, as well as non-governmental organizations and policymakers from all levels of government. Encompassing a wide range of perspectives makes our work more credible and compelling.

EESI covers a wide range of issues, from electric vehicles, to renewable energy, from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to pedestrian-friendly cities. There is no silver bullet: we need to make progress on many fronts to achieve long-term sustainability. All of these issues are linked and provide multiple benefits. 

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