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    Central Electric Power Cooperative (Central), based in Columbia, South Carolina, is the wholesale power provider for the state’s 20 distribution cooperatives (co-ops). Central has been implementing energy efficiency programs as a strategy to bring down the rising costs of meeting the region’s growing demand for energy.

    With this goal in mind, the “Help My House” on-bill financing pilot was launched in Spring 2011. On-bill financing is one of the strategies being implemented to help South Carolina homeowners, who are often unable to participate in energy efficiency programs because they lack the funds or access to affordable financing for purchasing energy efficiency measures. On-bill financing enables a homeowner to borrow money for energy efficiency improvements to their house and repay it as part of their electric bill.


    Download the fact sheet in PDF format here:

    Fact Sheet: South Carolina Co-ops Implement “Help My House” On-Bill Financing Pilot