The UK Department of Trade and Industry released its national energy review, entitled The Energy Challenge: Energy Review Report 2006, on July 11, 2006. The review identified the two major challenges facing UK energy policy as tackling climate change by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and delivering secure, clean energy at affordable prices. It also contained an outline of proposals designed to help the UK move to a low-carbon economy while still reaching important economic and social goals. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute held a briefing on July 24, 2006 to hear from the British government about this review. The speaker was:

Dr. Christian Turner, First Secretary for Energy and Environment, British Embassy

Dr. Turner provided insight into analyses and points contained in the review including increased use of low carbon generating options such as renewables, greater emphasis on reducing demand for energy via efficiency and other measures to meet the growing demand for electric power, support for advanced technology coal plants with carbon capture and storage, and consideration of a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Speaker Slides