Fuel Cell and Hydrogen EXPO and POLICY FORUM
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 10:00 - 3:30 PM
Cannon Caucus Room 345 Cannon House Office Building
C St and 1st St SE, Washington DC
Hosted by the House Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus
Mike Doyle (D-PA) Charles Dent (R-PA)
John Larson (D-CT) Joe Wilson (R-SC)
FREE and OPEN to the Public
Lunch Provided at Noon – Snacks at Afternoon Panel
10:00 -- Expo Hall Open (list of exhibitors below)
12:00 -- Congressional/Administration Speakers
  • Heather Zichal, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change
  • Dr. Sunita Satyapal, Director, Fuel Cell Technologies Office, EERE DOE
  • Dr. Anthony Cugini, Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Dr. Chris Gearhart, Hydrogen Technologies and Systems Center Director, NREL
 2:30 -- Fuel Cell & Hydrogen State Activities Panel
This panel will discuss the various state and regional level fuel cell and hydrogen activities around the country. State Activities Panel Speakers to include:
  • Bill Elrick, California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • Joel Rinebold, Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition
  • Pat Valente, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition
  • Shannon Baxter-Clemmons, South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance
List of Exhibitors:
  • Department of Energy Fuel Cell Technologies Office
  • Air Products
  • Ballard Power
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • ClearEdge Power
  • FuelCell Energy
  • PDC Machines
  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

Fuel cells are electrical generation devices that utilize a chemical reaction to unleash a fuel’s latent energy. They are clean, quiet, efficient, and scalable, allowing them the versatility in nearly every power application. Fuel cells are being deployed today globally in portable, stationary, and transportation applications. Learn more at

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