The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) held a briefing, with support from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), to discuss the road ahead for electric drive vehicles. Industry executives, policymakers, and other stakeholders gathered to address the outlook for the market and what role policymakers can play in accelerating the electric fleet.

Please note that this briefing was not recorded.

Electric drive vehicles present several key benefits over conventional vehicles. By making it possible to power our vehicles with electricity from a multitude of sources, including renewables, they reinforce America’s energy security. Electric drive also helps to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. And they’re good for consumers’ wallets: on average, domestic grid electricity can power plug-in cars for the equivalent of $1 a gallon.

Electric drive vehicles encompass vehicles powered by battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell drives. Over half a million such cars were sold in 2014 alone, representing 3.47 percent of the total market. Sales are rising fast, and electric drive vehicles are expected to continue to gain market share despite falling gas prices.

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