People around the country have chosen to express their commitment to clean energy by writing mini-grants, exchanging non-traditional gifts, and more. We enjoy hearing stories about how you are raising awareness for environmental and energy issues in your community. We want to share a few stories from our donors that inspire us to continue working diligently for a clean energy economy.

Inspiration for our future

What do EESI and Alabama middle school students have in common? We found out that a team from the Junior United Nations Assembly of Alabama chose EESI as its beneficiary in a grant writing competition. The team chose EESI because their mission to secure a sustainable economy and protect the health and safety of their generation was well aligned with EESI's work on those very issues. Ultimately, the students did not win the grant proposal competition, but they did learn valuable critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. These students encourage and inspire us. We want to thank the students for their hard work and spreading the word about EESI and sustainability !


Responsibility to our Donors
" Please, continue to change the world. At this pace, the biodiversity and the fate of the planet is threatened. I place my money at your hands because I believe in your ability to do what I, at my age and power cannot. I believe that there is hope left, and with this money, I pour my hope to you, as an organization. Please handle it responsibly. "
-- Teg Uppal, Florida.
Thank you for placing your trust in us Ted! In 2012, EESI received the top rating—Four Stars—from Charity Navigator, for the sixth time in a row . This puts us in the top 3% of nonprofits Charity Navigator evaluates! We hope that will give you confidence that your donations are well spent.

Need thoughtful gift ideas?

Last holiday season, Amy Portenlanger's family drew names. Instead of traditional gifts, each made a donation to the recipient's charity of choice. Amy, passionate about environmental conservation, chose EESI. Thank you, Amy! Another young lady chose EESI as her charity to celebrate her bat mitzvah (a traditional Jewish coming of age ritual) and she collected more than $1,000 for clean energy.

There are many gift giving occasions throughout the year. A donation can make a great birthday gift for someone who has everything. This year, consider skipping the crowded malls and make a donation to help foster a thriving clean energy economy. Creative and thoughtful gifts don't have to be a lot of work. If you want to give a gift that has meaning to someone you care about, but does not clutter up the house, consider giving a donation in honor of a friend or family member to help our nation transition to clean energy!