Proclaiming that the U.S. economy is “over a barrel” when it comes to our dependence on imported oil, and highlighting the need for a transportation system that meets America’s needs for the 21st century, “Transportation for America”, a diverse coalition of national, state, and local groups has introduced its “Build for America” plan that outlines a strategic redirection of federal transportation policy. The coalition is focused on authorization of the next multi-year transportation bill, which Congress will be addressing in the next Congress. Current transportation law expires in September of next year.

EESI has been actively engaged in building and strengthening this coalition which includes a broad range of transportation, energy, community development, business, labor, environment, housing, and public health interests. EESI will be addressing the nation’s critical transportation issues, particularly the role of the transportation sector in meeting energy security and greenhouse gas reduction goals.
Key priorities for the Transportation for America campaign include:

  1. Investing in a world-class rail and transit system that competes with other leading nations.
  2. Accountability measures to ensure Americans get performance from their tax dollars
  3. Repairing existing highways, bridges, and transit infrastructure and keeping them in a state of good repair.
  4. Integrating transportation with the development needs of local communities.

For more information on the Transportation for America campaign, please click here (pdf format).