When the Third National Climate Assessment was released in May, it provided detailed information about how climate change is threatening every region of the United States. A new series of videos, produced by The Story Group and based on the National Climate Assessment, helps showcase how climate change is disrupting the livelihoods and everyday lives of Americans. The videos bring to life the challenges outlined in the National Climate Assessment.

Firefighters in Colorado have to battle increasingly common and dangerous forest fires. Ranchers in West Texas fight through 100 degree days to keep their cattle and crops alive. Farmers in Iowa struggle to keep their corn viable through torrential downpours. These videos explain the main findings of the National Climate Assessment and show how climate change is forcing people across the country to adapt in order to protect their way of life. While the facts and figures in the National Climate Assessment are important and give a clear picture of the wide-ranging effects of climate change, these videos help convey the drama and urgency of the issue: climate change is already affecting, and will continue to affect, every region in the United States. Climate change is already changing the way people are living and working.