Comments are due to EPA on Tuesday, January 28, regarding EPA’s proposal for the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). On January 22, a bipartisan letter signed by 31 Senators was sent to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy saying the “Administration’s proposal is a significant step backward – undermining the goal of increasing biofuels production as a domestic alternative to foreign oil consumption. ” The letter went on to say the proposal “for the first time, adjusts the 2014 overall volumes based on criteria not clearly identified in the law below anticipated production levels of biofuels and even below previous years’ RFS levels.” This letter, as well as a bipartisan letter sent by 30 House members, and a letter supporting biodiesel, said the proposal put at risk the environmental and economic benefits to the country from the ongoing development of advanced biofuels.