Today is the largest Global Giving Partner Rewards Bonus Day of the year! On this one special day, you can stretch your gift towards environmental policy solutions further than ever! Global Giving has made a total of $115,000 available in Bonus Day Funds to match any donation of up to $1,000 per donor!

As a Global Giving Superstar partner, EESI will receive a 50% match on any donations made through the Global Giving website until matching funds run out! Last year we received a 40% rewards match—rather than this year’s 50%--so don’t miss out on this extra special one-day opportunity to give!

As a special perk, anyone who gives $800 to $1,000 to EESI on Bonus Day will become a warmly-welcomed member of the EESI Associates group! Member benefits include recognition on EESI’s website and annual report as well as participation in special, invitation-only events.

You can also help us compete for extra rewards with Global Giving’s fundraising challenges! EESI could win a $1,000 bonus award for becoming the nonprofit that raises the most funds between 9am and 11:59 pm on Bonus Day today (people like you helped us come in at #2 in 2013)! Additionally, you could help win us the $1,000 award for the nonprofit with the most individual donors in that same timeframe. A donation of any size between $10 and $1,000 can boost EESI’s chances of winning either of these bonus prizes!

EESI appreciates your continued support in advancing our mission to promote environmentally sustainable societies. It takes many people to advance clean energy policy: we need your help! Your donations on July 15 will allow us to continue engaging with our nation’s leaders on innovative policy solutions that will move us towards a clean energy future.

Again, matching gifts will last until funds run out or until 11:59 pm EDT. Thanks again for all your support!


Authors: Sharmen Hettipola and Stephanie Cuaderno