Kodiak, Alaska, runs on renewable energy, largely thanks to the Alaska Energy Authority and the Kodiak Energy Association. These organizations have contributed to clean energy technology adoption and strengthened clean energy markets in the state, and have thereby earned a 2014 State Leadership in Clean Energy Award, presented by the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). The organizations received congratulations from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R), who stated, “I’m proud that the Clean Energy States Alliance determined that these Alaska projects were worthy of one of only eight clean energy awards given out this year.”

The Alaska Energy Authority manages Alaska’s Renewable Energy fund, which has given renewable energy grants to 277 recipients, representing a total of $250 million over seven years. The Kodiak Electric Association was one of these recipients, receiving $16 million in funding. The money was used to finance wind and hydro power generation projects which replaced diesel generators and resulted in Kodiak’s energy portfolio becoming 99.7 percent renewable energy. This has produced annual savings of over $4 million, which now go toward servicing local residents and businesses.

“Both the Alaska Energy Authority and the Kodiak Electric Association are putting into practice five principles that I believe are in our national interest, and those are to make energy abundant, affordable, clean, diverse, and secure,” said Senator Murkowski. “Alaskan communities are benefiting from their important efforts and I’m glad the Alliance saw fit to recognize their innovative work.”

The State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards were given to eight different state programs this year, with winners selected by an independent panel of five judges. Other state programs to receive recognition include Connecticut’s Microgrid Program, Oregon’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program. All eight programs will be featured in a free, public webinar in the near future, hosted by CESA.

CESA is a nonprofit coalition that seeks to advance clean energy. Composed of various public agencies and organizations, CESA works closely with industry representatives, state leaders, and federal agencies. According to Executive Director Warren Leon, CESA chose winners who “illustrate the tremendous creativity and commitment being shown by state agencies across the country in implementing clean energy.” The organization hopes to showcase how clean energy programs can benefit the environment, local economies, and also create jobs.


Author: Carlos Villacis