EESI is delighted to be a supporting organization for the 2018 ACORE Renewable Energy Policy Forum, to be held in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, March 14.

The ACORE National Renewable Energy Policy Forum is the only pan-technology renewable energy policy summit to address federal and state policy. This signature conference will bring industry leaders and policymakers to discuss energy and tax policy, debate pressing issues in the changing electricity marketplace, and identify priorities for Congress, the states, and relevant agencies. View the forum agenda below:

“The conference provided substantial information and insight from legislators directly involved in crafting energy policy. If you’re looking for candid discussion about the future of renewable energy policy across the country, the Policy Forum is a must attend event!”

– Adam Shor, Principal, Shor Power

  • Session 1:  Renewable Energy Finance in the New Tax Law
    Leading financiers and other experts will explore how the tax reform will impact renewable energy project finance, while also considering emerging opportunities and alternate sources of investment.
  • Session 2:  Boosting America’s Renewable Energy Dominance
    This session will evaluate the scope of the global business opportunity for renewable energy and how U.S. companies can position themselves to compete. Topics will include solar tariffs and international trade, opportunities for stimulating development and investment in the United States, and more.
  • Session 3:  A Resilient, Reliable and Renewable Grid
    An expert presentation on wholesale market design in a future featuring an increasingly high penetration of renewables will be followed by a panel discussion. Topics will include promoting resilience and reliability while ensuring competition, opportunities for grid modernization and transmission expansion in the federal infrastructure package, and the applications of renewable energy and energy storage for crisis response.
  • Session 4:  The New Renewables Alliance: Cities, States and Businesses
    In the face of federal retrenchment, states, local governments and corporations across the country are intensifying their commitments to renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Panelists will discuss key state developments and new state initiatives, as well as the impact of federal policy on state programs, among other issues.

For an up-to-date agenda, please click here.

This conference will convene over 250 attendees from more than 160 companies in the renewable energy sector. Featuring financiers, developers, energy experts, policymakers, and other senior officials, ACORE’s Policy Forum is the can’t miss event for the latest on renewable energy policy, investment and market trends.

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