The world has changed significantly over the last year – we are now facing a financial crisis with high unemployment levels and stifled investment in addition to a climate crisis, with climate change impacts such as glacier melt and extreme weather events occurring faster than predicted. Experts say we have less than a decade to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid catastrophic changes that will further drain our economy.

Public and private investment in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) technologies can help solve both crises. The EE/RE industries have the potential to create millions of American jobs and position America to take the lead in the burgeoning clean energy economy. By investing in EE/RE, we can reduce our vulnerability to volatile fossil fuel prices, strengthen the security of our energy supply through diversification, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short time frame required.

EESI works closely with Congress, educating Members and staff about energy efficiency and renewable energy. We organize dozens of briefings every year on timely issues such as green jobs, climate legislation, plug-in electric vehicles, biopower, and smart grid technology – just to name a few. Many of these briefings attract standing room only crowds of Congressional staff, government employees, and a variety of other stakeholders. EESI factsheets, newsletters, and presentations on environmental and energy policy are available here . We also meet regularly with policymakers and other leaders to develop innovative policy solutions.

To help EESI continue this work at this critical and unique time in our nation’s history, please consider making a donation – whatever you can afford. Help us develop energy policies that will build businesses and create jobs, mitigate climate change, strengthen national security, keep energy dollars here at home, improve public health, and be environmentally and economically sustainable for generations to come. Please help us make 2009 the year we truly invest in our future!

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