You Can Give At The Office!

Want an easy want to support clean energy policies? You can give at the office through easy payroll-based contributions. With one pledge this fall season, you can support the advancement of clean energy policies all next year. And it’s easier on your budget.

Federal employees and members of the military can give to EESI by designating CFC #10627. Many other employers offer workplace giving – ask your Human Resources Department. We are a member of the EarthShare workplace giving federation.

A few dollars per paycheck can make a big difference:

  • $5 per paycheck will provide every Congressional office with a mini-fact sheet and invitation to an EESI Congressional briefing on a key environmental or energy topic that lawmakers need to consider.
  • $4 per paycheck will help us train a new generation of environmental leaders by covering one month’s public transit stipend for an intern to learn about critical national energy policy issues.
  • $12 per paycheck pays for videotaping one of our Capitol Hill forums on a key environmental or energy topic and upload it to our website and YouTube, so people across the country can access the information long after the forum has been held.

Thank you for putting your commitment to sustainable energy to work in so many ways – including by supporting EESI at the office!