USDA Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization Strategy

USDA Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization Strategy
For Immediate Release: January 10, 2007
For More Information Contact: Jetta Wong (202) 662-1885

Help USDA Forest Service shape its Woody Biomass Strategy. The DEADLINE to submit your comments to Sara Senn (at or via fax at 970-295-5885) is January 26, 2007. See message below.

This is not an EESI proposal. Remember to submit comments to the Forest Service, feel free to CC EESI on any comments you submit.

Forest Service Message:

We would like to provide you with the opportunity to review the draft USDA Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization Strategy. Please see the enclosed letter for instructions. We appreciate your time in this review.

USDA Review Letter

USDA Review Questions

Revised Draft Strategy

Marcia Patton-Mallory
Biomass and Bioenergy Coordinator
USDA Forest Service, Office of the Chief
2150 Centre Ave, Building A
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Office: (970) 295-5947
Mobile: (970) 227-7535

If you have questions, please email or call EESI at bioenergy [at] or (202) 662-1885.


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