Just say NO to another Sandy

You and I know that climate change isn't just the gradual warming of the planet.

At EESI's recent briefing on Insurance Industry Perspectives on Extreme Weather Events, speakers showcased our vulnerability in terms of lives, property, infrastructure and natural resources.

Congress needs to understand the costs related to these extreme events, and cost-effective ways to respond. You can help your representatives understand all of this when you contribute today. Your contribution will finance our work with the new Congress and the administration in the new year.


To save lives and reduce property damage, we have to change the way we build. Some steps, like updating our nation's building codes, are relatively simple and cost effective, but can make a big difference. The President of the Reinsurance Association of America, Frank Nutter (pictured), made this point at EESI's briefing. We simply can't afford to keep building the way we've done in the past.

You can help ensure Congress gets this and other solution-oriented messages in the new year when you give to EESI today. A Senate staffer told us after the briefing that this was exactly the type of information her Senator had been asking for--to determine how to move forward in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

You can help shine a light on our nation's opportunities to move forward on clean energy with your donation. Thank you so much. Happy holidays!